Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fiber and Friends

Like is to be fortified by many friendships.
To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.
~ Sydney Smith

This week at the Wednesday night knitting class, there was plethora of wonderful personalities. With such a mixture of contagious laughter and smiles that could melt the heart of the Abominable Snowman himself. Don't worry Mr. Abominable, we have knitting needles at the ready to knit you a cozy for every extremity.

Coming into the Knitting Class this Wednesday, I could really sense the feelings of friendship that were as warmly woven as the knitting garments beget by a cacophony of clicking needles. There were garments that were a year in the making and finally revealed, adorned by a lovely pin and a satisfyingly proud smile.

Hats, scarves and booties were being started by loving family members for little ones at home. While others talked about projects and frustrations only to be met with an experienced eye to help them. With much encouragement and joy being so freely given, it was hard not to just stop and allow it to sink into your heart while knitting. So, when sitting here at the group, amidst old friends and new acquaintances, every stitch made is infused with the warmth and caring of those around you.
This week there were some new yarns in.

Tweed Montage

This yarn creates a unique color striping effect with rich luxurious tweed look.

56% wool/40% acrylic/4% viscose blend bulky weight yarn.
5.25 oz/150g/247yd/226m ball.
Hand wash.
Knit gauge in stockinette stitch, size 10½ (6.5mm)
needles: 14½ sts and 20 rows - 4"

A sample sweater knit in the tweedy yarn...

A close up of the stitch pattern using the yarn..

This weeks Featured Pattern...

The Ozark Hat Pattern.


One size, fit average size adult head


A: Schulana Taiga or similar sherpa yarn (1 skein has 32 yds)

B: Ozark Opulent hand spun (1 skein has 50 yds)

Knitting Needles:

US: #13, 16" circular

US: #13 double pointed needles

Earflaps: (make 2)

Using A, cast on 3 sts.

Rnd 1: using A, knit. Work in garter st, inc 1 st at beginning of every row until there are 7 sts.

Work 4 more rows in garter stitch. (total 11 rows) Break yarn and leave sts on a holder.

Make 2nd earflap, do not break yarn.

Main Section:

Continuing on from earflap just finished, cast on 8 sts, then knit across 1st earflap,

then cast on 14 sts, knit across 7 sts of second earflap. Total 36 sts, join to work in round. Still using A, knit 6 rounds in garter st (purl 1 row, knit the next)

Change to B, work 8 more rounds in stockinette st. (knit only). Add 2 more rows for deeper hat.

Shape Crown:

Rnd 1: *k6 k2 tog, rep from * , k last 4 st. 32 sts.

Rnd 2 and all other even rounds, knit.

Rnd 3: *k5, k2 tog, rep from * to last st, k4. 28sts

Rnd 5: *k4, k2 tog, rep from * to last st, k4, 24sts

Rnd 7: *k3 k2tog, rep from * to last sts, k4. 20 sts

Rnd 9: *k2, k2 tog, rep from * to last st, k4. 15 sts

Rnd 11: *kl k2 tog, rep from * to last st, k1. 10 sts

Rnd 13: *k2 tog all around, rep from * to last st, k1. 5sts

Break yarn and thread through remaining 5 sts. Pull up fight and fasten off securely.

Add pigtail ties with crochet hook by chaining or braiding off end of each earflap.


Anonymous said...

Theresa you are the best at blogging I have ever read.
Steven has a great find in you.
You are great.


Anonymous said...

this seams to be an very flufy hat

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pattern. That's a great looking hat!

What is the gauge of the yarn you used? I would really like to knit this, but I'm going to have to substitute another yarn.


Pam said...

I've made 5 of these for my family & they all love them . We need them in cold Alberta, Canada. Thanks so much,
Pam :O)