Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thomas Wheeler and the Miley Cyrus Purse

Thomas Wheeler is one of the Yarn Garage Glitter Knitters and has led all kinds of kids at Red Pine Elementary into the wonderful world of Knitting. He has a cousin who lives next to Miley Cyrus and so he is embarking on making a purse for her. Here he is getting some advanced tips from Steven for his project.

Every Thursday, there is a kids class at the Yarn Garage and this week, the shop was loaded with kids. We bet that none of them has a drug problem, nor misbehaves at home.

Visit Steven at HAUPT ANTIEK

The last two days and today Steven is visiting HAUPT ANTIEK

It is a fantastic store in Rosemount about a block from the Yarn Garage.

He is just knitting and talking with folks about the Yarn Garage and the upcoming events at the State Fair, Grand Marais and other exciting things like the Secret Sale for folks on the mailing list. Get on the mailing list now by clicking here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Knitting at the Dome with Stitch and Pitch

Steven and a thousand other Knitters watched the Twins Rangers Game and just look at the size of Steven's Needles.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Glitter Knitter and the Leprechan's in Rosemount

Steven and the Glitter Knitters were in force at the Rosemount Leprechan Days in Central Park. Free knitting lessons for all and talk about fibers and new things and projects and laughter and just a lot of joy. Bob was there for the musical knitter segment and you can see him accompanied by a little girl on Size 100 needles. Our Councilman, Phil Sterner, came over and Tamara taught him how to knit.

Rosemount is a great town and we give back at every opportunity.