Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Charity Hats and Free Patterns

For a number of years now, the Yarn Garage, StevenBe, and friends have been making and donating hand crafted charity hats. One of our talented members, Barb Melom, (a.k.a. the "Queen of Hats) has been making headlines for her charity work! You go girl!

Also, check out the Hats for Homeless blog.

If you'd like to make charity a hat you may use our latest free charity hat pattern below. You can also stop in to either StevenBe in Minneapolis or the Yarn Garage in Rosemount for the pattern and a free ball of yarn to make the hat! If you currently have a hat or other knit garments you'd like to donate but don't know where, please stop in, we'll find a home for it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lack of Sidewalk Sale at the Yarn Garage

Due to the recent sidewalk construction, we are holding a Lack of Sidewalk Sale! Everything in the shop is on sale! If you can't get in the front door - use the flower shop entrance or the rear entrance. You may also have to park in the lot behind the barber shop/tire store and then walk down the HWY 3 sidewalk to the flower shop entrance. We apologize for the inconvenience! To make up for it, we are offering low, low prices!


Sale Listing:
Bag of Yarn sale 50-60% off
WoolyWinter Novelty yarns: 40% off
Luxury yarns like alpaca, cashmere, Be Sweet, Tilli Tomas
30% off
Noro and self striping wools 25% off
Classic yarns like Cascade 220, Kertzer Super 10 and
and the washable wall, Lambs pride 25% off
Hardcover books 25% off
Designer and Yarn Brand soft books and leaflets 30% off
Selection of needles 30% off.
Buttons 25% off.
Summer Yarns 25% off (including center island)
Luxury & Classic baby yarns 25% off
Novelty baby yarns 40% (excluding Heaven)
Novelty Yarns 40% off
Knitting bags 30% off.
This & That: soaps, gadgets, silk ribbons, shawl
pins 25%.
Categories determined by Staff so please ask for
Not applicable to Clover, Hiya or Addi Turbo needles and other
select items

Purchases over $300 get another 5% off up to 45% total.
Expires June 1: Not applicable on special orders.
Not to be used in combination with other promotions.
Absolutely all sales final, not exchanges or returns.
Coupon must be present at time of purchase.
Not applicable at StevenBe.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day/Shepherd's Harvest

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth/mini boutique at Shepherd's Harvest over Mother's Day weekend! We were so happy with the turn out considering it was cold and rainy all day Saturday. But of course, to knitters and fiber lovers cold weather just means they get to wear knitwear on top of knitwear on top of knitwear.

And what Mother's Day fiber celebration is complete with out our very own mothers? Mama Berg and Mama France came along for the fiber fun. Mama Berg even dressed up in a pink jumpsuit for the special occasion!

Seriously Steven. I don't even know how describe... What am I supposed to write...?
Yet again you've left us all speechless and we're happier for it!