Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The New, The Exotic, The Must Haves

I have all the fun.  Here are some of the exciting things I have gotten in for your springtime knitting.  Tools, Storage, and knowledge are today's offerings.  How did we get along without some of these exciting things coming out for fiber artists?

Come on over to the shop, we have some new things to show you.

Tomorrow I am beginning the exciting felting class and unfortunately we are sold out.  Wish you could be there.  Watch for your next opportunity to learn this easy and exciting fiber art.
Mighty Bright L.E.D. Task Lights
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Mighty Bright L.E.D. task lights  The perfect compact light to leave in your knitting bag for those times you find yourself needing more illumination.

Now you can knit on those late night drives to the cabin.

Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circular Needles
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Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Circular Needles.   I look forward to opening the boxes delivered from Hiya Hiya, because there is usually something new and exiting inside.  I wasn't disappointed! Housed in lovely silk brocade storage pouches is your choice of sizes  1 to 7  or 8 to 13 steel needle points and various lengths of cable.   Eureka! the points screw on seamlessly!  You will be ready for whatever project you choose next! 
Knit One Below, One Stitch, Many Fibers
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Knit One Below, One Stitch, Many Fibers, a book by EliseDuvekot.  Once you have learned this creative & complicated looking new stitch you will want to keeping going.  With beautiful photographs and a variety of projects, I am betting this will become one of your favorites , too.