Monday, July 5, 2010

So many events have been happening since Jessie, Mom and I returned from TNNA in June. I did not get around to posting some of the great photos from the Needle Arts Show. I will add some photos that Jessie shot to my photo gallery. Thursday after we got back The Glitter Diva's got together for Ballet of Dolls' final performance of the season...Pink Flamingos. I/we were shocked, agast and wonderfully horrified. Another amazing performance for the dolls. They will be doing a private show at StevenBe sometime in the near future. Note Kay sporting her own fiber creation and Ann Murray wearing Lucy Neatby's original design for StevenBe...A Minnesota Moment. Jessie fashions a sequin knit shrug by Judi & Co. And the list goes on. Make sure to join us in our future frolics around town.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't miss our upcoming events. Chat and Chew at the Yarn Garage every Sunday in July except for the 4th. Closed but StevenBe will be open with a Free-for-All Potluck. Join us from 1-4.
Also, on Sunday the 11th we have a great folk band and a preview for the following Sunday's felting class. Check out the featured creatures to felt on the 25th. Email Steven for details: