Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wednesday night yarning workshop is  always packed. Melissa was helping with Deb's amazing entrelock socks. These two were a force to be recognized. Judy and Pam in the background are both working on sweaters.

This is the beauty of the Yarn Garage needlework nights
Every craft is celebrated and every level of talent encouraged.
We are definitely the home of inspiration and education. 
We can do cables but love the crazy.

This week Mary Hamre has created some amazing samples for the store. 
My favorite  being the Be  Sweet..convertible cowl. This is a must make for summer fall and winter!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Wilde exciting fiber fest was celebrated by all my favorite knitters and a few new ones. Thanks to my loyal friends and some of my best clients...Jane, Barb, Judy, Suzanne, Ann, Gloria, Mary Jo, Jane and many more...

Thanks to the new attendee's.... Mary Jubenville, Ardys Moen, Naomi Lundeen, Mary Orourke, Laure Johns
Mama Christa was there to help out on her old German techniques. A few of the staff members poked their heads in to check in on all the activity.
We were graced with the political personality of Senator Amy Klobuchar

Join us in a couple of weeks on July 26 for the next session. Trunk show and features.
Lessons for all. Each session will feature an early lesson with chat and show later in the afternoon.