Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Wide Knit in Public Day 2010

StevenBe and friends in the neighborhood gathered in the park to share our craft with the community. We had some new knitters stop by, and Tim and Markos taught passers-by how to knit. We got some color from the sun - and even added a little color to the neighborhood with yarn bombing.

Tim knitted a lovely sweater for our new tree friend.

Rachel crocheted a belt for another corner tree. The trees were quite pleased with their new looks!

Some cyclists even admired our art as they drove by.

And, our resident jewelry artist Markos climbed up a tree, adding to the new knits on the block.

Share your stories and pictures, tell us what you did on WWKiPD!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay folks, here is the deal. The entire back area of the shop is on sale (excluding buttons).
Also, the flower shop has been generous and allowed us to have more sale bins on their tables in their work area. If you buy a couple skeins here and there, then you get 20% your purchase. If you buy 5 or more, then you get 30% off your purchase. If you go whole hog and get 10 or more skeins, then you get 40% off your purchase. Bring your duffle bags!! If you get super crazy and buy over $200 at sale price, then you get 50% your purchase.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some of our favorite things....

They have a new messenger bag and a hip holster that are so urban chic. Check out their blog showing this new line http://blog.namasteinc.com/
We will have them in the shops in August. Here is Kelly from Namste and our
Steven showing off the Monroe bag and the Catalina pouches.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TNNA - Market Open!

Exciting first day of Shopping at TNNA!

We had an exciting day meeting with yarn companies and designers. We ran into the Ravelry crew and begged them to visit Minnesota! They agreed and we are going to host them in 2011. They are so popular, they are booked through the end of the year! We have got them, though, so don't fear! They will be in Min
nesota soon!

Berroco enticed us with their talented designers Norah Gaughin and Cirilia Rose. Aren't they sweet?! Norah Gaughin vol. 7 is divine
with geode and crystal inspired sweaters and accessories. The new line of Borealis with its shimmering prismatic colorways will delight all.

In addition Berroco distributes the amazing European line named Lang. Their high end fashions made Steven go all Project Runway on us. Check out the three new books we ordered from them soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hot scene in Columbus Ohio with the Glitter Knitters

Hello from rainy, no sunny, no rainy Columbus Ohio. No complaints though as we are inside all day reviewing new yarns, fibers books and novelties. Make sure to join me Tuesday all day at StevenBe and Wednesday evening at the Yarn garage to get the latest New, Now Next. Jessie is my rock star senior fiber executive taking notes like a true exec.

Check out this polite picture of me spinning. You should have seen the reality of my experience as I had llama wool spun into my hair by the time we left. I had the class in stitches. Teacher Beth Smith had about enough of me after 3 hours.

Meanwhile mama Christa was off conversating with Ysolda Teague on her new book coming out "Little Red in the City". She modeled her form fitting sweater designs for all to wow over. They were shown both in a small size and a full figure size showing the amazing range of her new creations.
Make sure to peruse her new self published book when the it comes out this later this summer