Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Noro

With yarn abound and seemingly holding up the ceiling of the store, you'd think we knitters don't get very excited over anything new. Truth is, we love it. Call it wool, call it fiber, call it yarn, but what ever you do, don't call it string. It's more, and you won't know it until you can indulge in the connoisseur side of the knitting world.

This week, the store got in a very large and very much loved shipment of Noro. Sarah, in the above picture, is modeling a wonderful shawl-like sweater. With lovely drape and gorgeous color play, it contrasts nicely with the black. Made completely from Noro, the self striping yarn allows for color change with out the hassle of adding new yarn.

Here is a close up of some of the much coveted yarn. As you can see, the coloring of each skein is vibrant and varying in many complimentary hues. Some of the skeins contrast sharply between colors only create a wonderful variant spectrum. Come in and see all the colors the store offers!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hats and Lessons

This Wednesday night was warm inside, despite the cold rainy weather outside. It had been raining and cold all day, with promises of more dismal weather ahead, we sat insulated by the woolen yarn around us.

There we all shared our projects. Cheryl showing off her first knit garment. She's quite happy with the results as you can see, hopefully we'll see more garments from her.

Jesse modeled a hat and sweater jacket duo. The hat is actually two hats knit into one large connecting tube for added warmth. Just what is needed here in Minnesota winters.

When not modeling sweaters and hats, she has time to teach new students the craft of knitting. It's hard not to become inspired when surrounded by so much yarn. If you have some time and a desire to create, come in and ask for some lessons, Jesse is a diligent and patient teacher.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Steven is doing a wonderful seminar for the Minnesota Knitters Guild, Northern Lights Affiliate at Fitger's Inn, Duluth today. Note the worlds largest fiber color wheel. This is the core of Steven's super stashbuster which all in attendance will understand when the day is done.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cozy Up and Cast On

With Autumn in full bloom already and mutterings of an early snow, now would be great moment to take advantage of the cold weather and unwind with a skein of wool. Socks, mittens, hats and scarves, the choices are boundless and tempting.

In the store, there's some handy 9" needles from Clover. These are excellent for smaller projects like mittens, specially those fair isle Norwegian mittens that are so beautiful. They're made from bamboo, which offers enough stick for your yarn to ensure it won't slip but slick enough to make your projects fly.

Melissa also taught a class on lace knitting and here's a scarf made by one of the people who attended. It's made from Rain by Bee Sweet. A bamboo blend that feels so soft to the skin but warm enough to act as a great substitute to wool for those with allergies or who want variety in their warm weather wear. It also has a gradient from a darker color to a lighter shade, giving it a rain washed look.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Winter's Door

With Autumn on our door step and Winter making it's way up the road behind it there's much buzz going on about what to knit next. People made their way in to the store that hadn't knit in over a year and loaded baskets with warm wool with varied hues. Not sure what would be knit with it, but knowing that it must be warm, pretty and knit by hand.

The "New Twist On The Block" cowl is a huge hit. An easy and quick knit this works up fast. With an added "twist" it settles in nicely on the neck and allows you to wear it with any ensemble.

Here's the finished bag that we saw a few weeks ago, finally felted and dried. All stitches are invisible and hidden allowing the colors to meld perfectly into each other. Would it surprise you she's making another...with a hat to match?

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