Monday, June 24, 2013

Show and Tell: Cashmere Cozy

Warmer weather is finally here, but if you want something cuddly (but not too big) to knit and prepare for next winter, this week's show and tell might be just the ticket.

EnchantingJuno on Ravelry made a Rachael's ISBN Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cozy out of two skeins of Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 8-ply.

This is what she had to say about it:

Choose something you really really love. - make sure its a heavier worsted-to-chunky rather than a lighter one - I find with hot water bottle covers that you want to knit them tight and dense, otherwise it might not insulate the bottle against your skin very well.

I love this thing because it’s such a ridiculous luxury - but because it’s only 200 yards you really can use something special.

Thanks for sharing, Juno!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Show and Tell: Easy Shrug

Jenn Weidner of J. Rae Fashion made this cute shrug piece out of handspun yarn.

This shrug is an easy project that beginners can make in a weekend!

The piece is a knit rectangle with simple seaming that creates big sleeves perfect for layering over a cute tank, cotton shirts, or thin sweaters!

I used the following yarns:
Moda•Dea - Curious (Ivory-9116) and Aerie (9116)
Berroco - Bonsai (4103)
Knit One Crochet Too - Ruby (892)
Size 13 Circular Needles to accommodate the number of stitches (this piece is knit back and forth, not in the round)

Approx Width 44", Length 24"

Cast on 84 stitches (88 for a large/XL).

Work St Stitch for 10 inches and place marker. It is a good idea to place a marker on both sides.

Continue to work until piece is 30 inches (36 for L/XL). Again place marker on both sides.

Work another 10 inches and bind off.

To finish, fold piece in half (lengthwise), match up markers. Sew the side seams from the edge to the markers. This will leave an opening in the center creating a shrug.

Have fun using unique yarns! Also, the sleeves are easily lengthened by knitting 12, 14, or even 18 inch sleeves.

Thanks for sharing, Jenn!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

KnitCrate Waitlist

Curated KnitCrates only come once a month…or do they?  Meet our new limited edition boxes that we’ll offer from time-to-time – KnitCrate Limited Edition – filled with designer curated products!  We’re kicking things off with the special KnitCrate Limited Edition: StevenBe Box with a NEW pattern that is exclusive to KnitCrate.  This box goes beyond knitting because it’s filled with not only a new exclusive pattern and luxurious yarn for your needles, but also little luxuries for yourself and your home.  Go on, treat yourself or a knitter you love...

StevenBe Box

The Steven Be Box is pure inspiration from South Africa: Nadine, Owner of Be Sweet yarns, and Steven Berg, designer and owner of StevenBe, have returned from their magical fiber safari and brought back their inspirations for you.  Inspired by the color and texture of South Africa and its unique fiber art, Steven has designed a KnitCrate exclusive whimsical bamboo and mohair Ponchellini pattern.

Also included in the Steven Be Box are Steven’s signature Lavishea scent along with his personally blended glitter diva tea for a truly calming knitting escape.  To sweeten the box, Nadine and Steven also are including a bit of their South African journey with a hand carved camphorwood heart from direct trade with artisans near Cape Town, South Africa.  Experience the true love of fiber, knitting and lifestyle created by Nadine and Steven and delivered directly to you by KnitCrate.  This box is packed with amazing items sure to help you live Steven’s motto to the fullest: “Knit happy, glitter it up!!”.

Choose Your Colorway Theme

The five balls of included Be Sweet yarn, which are made in South Africa, will be in colorway combinations hand selected by Steven himself in two unique collections to compliment the new exclusive Ponchellini pattern.  Each collection will have a further colorway theme choice for you to select:

1. The Eastern Cape Coastal Collection will have a “Deep Sea” and “Shades of Lagoon” colorway theme options

2. The Fiery Karoo Collection will have an “Intense Solar” and “Soft Sunset” colorway theme options

This allows you to choose one of the four unique looks to express yourself with this lovely new design!

Finally, everyone LOVES our red mailers but for this special occasion Steven selected a new glamour mailer color to distinguish the exclusive nature of this very special offering – you won’t be able to miss these packages!  We’ll be posting additional Steven Be Box sneak peek pics soon so stay tuned…


This designer curated KnitCrate exclusive limited edition box will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis for a VERY limited time.  Joining our waitlist before we reach our limit GUARANTEES a spot to order the limited edition Steven Be Box. . . the waitlist closes soon so sign up below today.  We’ll email you when we start taking orders near the end of June with the boxes shipping end of July 2013.  These limited edition boxes will NOT be sold after we close orders.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Show and Tell: Lotus Mimi Cowl

Brigitte Elliott (BZKnitter on Ravelry) knit a cowl for a friend using one skein of Lotus Mimi.

This is what she had to say about it:

The yarn is like knitting a cloud--soft and oh, so light. It’s so hard not to say, “Feel this!” without sounding like a broken record (or a pervert). LOL!

The cowl is a fast knit in which one is able to knit “mindlessly.”

With a size 8 needle, cast on 210 stitches and work the cowl in the round. The first few rows and last few rows were done in stockinette stitch to allow both ends to roll on themselves.

Between sections of stockinette stitch, a modified seed stitch was used, K1, P2. Knitting K1, P2 in juxtaposition by moving the three-stitch cluster over by one stitch on a following round creates a “step” movement in the patterning. In this design as in others which are seen from both sides of the fabric, it is always nice to show both purl and knit stitches.

The cowl can be worn full length which will extend to the waist (depending on the person’s torso). Doubled, the cowl gently encircles the neckline to add a little warmth and softness. It’s just way too “yummy!”

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Thanks for sharing, Brigitte! Photos are used with her permission.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fixing Overfelting? Yes, It's Possible!

Our very own Joanna recently posted a new discovery to her blog - how to possibly recover an overfelted item! It won't "unfelt" an item, but it will relax it some so it may still be salvageable, as it was in her case.
Read all about it here:
Thanks for sharing, Joanna!

(P.S. - You can bask in Joanna's awesomeness, in person, when she teaches in the shop. Stop by and ask about her next class.)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Show and Tell: Newborn Photo Prop

Jenn Weidner of J. Rae Fashion made this cute newborn piece out of handspun yarn for a friend.

This piece is a wonderful gift for new moms and makes a beautiful prop for pictures!

It is important to use yarns of the same weight in this Snuggie!

Each piece is knit individually and then sewn together.

It is important to swatch to make sure your piece will be the correct size.

A general pattern for this piece would look like this:

Using a medium weight yarn and size 10 1/2 circular needles to accommodate the large number of stitches.

Front Piece:
Cast on 52 stitches. Work St Stitch until piece measures 16 inches.
Work double rib for 4 inches.

(I created button holes and a 2x2 rib pattern that measured 11" x 2 1/2" along the right side of the piece)

Bind off.

Back Piece:
Cast on 64 stitches and work St stitch until piece measures 25" bind off.

Cast on 64 stitches. Work 2x2 rib pattern for 3"
Work St stitch for 8" and bind off.

Sew pieces together.
I sewed curved edges and trimmed excess yarn from inside corners.

Please note that I used many different yarns and that your swatch will yield individual results. Count your stitches and make a decision on the dimensions you would like your piece to measure. The above directions are only a guideline.

Thanks for sharing, Jenn!

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