Friday, October 5, 2007

My Goodness It's Been A While!

There are so many things to tell you about! Go grab a coffee (or your favorite beverage) and set a spell.

We've been doing some remodeling! There are a lot of changes in the kids and baby project section. New floor to ceiling shelving is up and it looks wonderful! With the new shelves comes more space for seating - so come on in and see for yourself!

We'll be adding more in other areas of the shop over the course of the fall and winter. Look for some pretty drastic changes.

Bibi's been doing some knitting. She's done a larger version of the Booga Bag and added some great little accessories to it. It's so cute! We've got a lot of new yarns in great colors that will send your Booga Bags and other felted purses striping away with great color progressions. New Noro colors, Needful Yarns Joy (this yarn has *the* most beautiful color palettes), Nashua, and Plymouth's Boku.

Modular knitting is one of the big trends for this season. It was all the rage on the Glitter Knitter Cruise (more about that later.) We've got lots of beautiful samples from Trendsetter in the shop and of course Steven's got his own versions of this classic technique. Each square goes quickly and is very addicting. You'll find yourself wanting to knit "just one more."

We've got some new yarn from both Be Sweet and Tilli Tomas - luxury yarns that will send your project ideas to the next level. A beautiful scarf or airy lace wrap in these will make you the envy of all your friends.

Speaking of lace - I completed the Mystery Stole 3 (Swan Lake) at the end of August and it's hanging at the shop. Steven also finished a lace wrap. It's a large circular piece, with a laceweight silk/kid mohair blend coupled with beaded ribbon. It's very beautiful and when doubled over creates just the slightest whisper of ruffles and bows around your shoulders.

My Onduleux Cables scarf pattern has been quite a success! We've now got an array of angora blend yarns to choose from to really personalize your scarf. New colors from Elsebeth Lavold (the same yarn I used for the white one), Classic Elite Lush (which is a delicious angora/wool blend that really fluffs up beautifully), and a new one from Adriafil called Carezza. This one is sure to give it that extra special luxurious feel. New colors will be arriving any day. Hurry in to make sure you get yours! This scarf will make a wonderful Holiday gift.

Another one of our newest arrivals is a yarn by Feza called "Oriental." It's a combination of many novelties and colors put together in quite a generous ball. They sent some samples along with the yarn - there's a stunning afghan that's squishy and cozy, not to mention brightly colored, a cute little Topper (the new shrug) that is made from just one ball, and more.

Our classroom that we started working on in early summer is now ready! We've held a few Wednesday night classes in there and it really offers a nice well-lit and open space - perfect for when you're learning something new.

Steven's sister Monika will be in on Friday nights for Knit Nite now. Come on in and knit with her!

And finally - The Cruise! I wish I had been able to go! Steven's been telling everyone about what they did and the places they went. It all sounds like it was so much fun! To see photos from their trip, click here. I definitely don't want to miss out again. Won't you join us for the next one?

-- angela

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