Saturday, February 2, 2008

The BUZZ since last time is...

Steven is still continually rolling out ideas and projects from his latest adventures to L.A. One of the more popular projects we have been focusing on here at the shop is Needle Felting. We just had a Needle Felting 101 class this morning. It was such a huge success we are planning on holding them on a regular basis, so keep on the lookout for when the next one is.

Also Purse Mania is still going strong; no more too big, too small, or wrong color complaints with your purses. Learn to make your own fabulous one of a kind masterpieces. There have been some pretty amazing purses rolling out of our store by our customers creations. And we have all the supplies, talent and know how to help you out.

Next thing to be aware of is the Yarn Garage is going GREEN. Yep thats right we have brought in a new line of corn, milk, soy, and hemp yarns. Sounds like the ingredients to Grandma's cornbread but it's not - it is really the products used to make the yarns.

Ladies, we have come to your rescue again! No need to try to find an excuse to leave the house on Super Bowl Sunday. We will be at the Wilde Roast Cafe in NE Minneapolis from 1-4. As usual, Steven will be showing off some of the newer project ideas. Won't you come and join us?

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