Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sparkling at the Minnesota Knitter's Guild Yarn Over 2008

Steven and the Stitch Mechanics were out in force at the Minnesota Knitter's Guild Yarnover 2008 at Hopkins High School. There were Oooo's and Aaaaah's at the new and unique fiber that only Steven finds from around the world. Renee was there spinning away showing that you can make your own yarn at home. Renee is our in-house spin expert. She and Angela will be hosting a spin-off next Starbuck's Glitter Knitter Jam on May 12. She has years of spinning expertise and will be demonstrating for us again at the Shepard's Harvest event on Mother's Day weekend. The Yarn Garage has many natural and beautifully dyed Rovings for spinning from Louet and Local fleecers.We had yarns from Appalachia to Northern Wales, South America to South Africa.

As usual Steven brought a ton of creative power for his friends at Yarnover. He was surrounded by the unusual creative team that helps at the Glitter Knitter Home, the Yarn Garage. Attendees at Yarnover found you need not have those plain jane patterns with ho hum fibers from the standard old fashioned yarn shops. You can get designs and fiber at the Fiber Arts Celebration Shop, the Yarn Garage, from Minnesota's own fashion designer and fiber artist, Steven Berg.

As we were loading in the treasure trove Bob was moving the U-Haul truck out into the parking lot and heard someone comment, "Looks like Steven, the Glitter Knitter, is here. Bob asked how did they knew that.

They said, "Steven is the only one that brings a U-Haul of fiber treasures, tools and yarns."

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