Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Urban Knitters at Wilde Roast

It was a Wild Holiday Sunday at Wilde Roast today. Steven was there with last minute assistance for knitters with Holiday Stallout. He showed some super yarn with super prices for the attendees, Ozark Handspun for a super quick and fun, 2 skein, winter hat with flaps and a tie. It was particularly apt for this icy day. We can't even tell you of the super prices he gave to the attendees. Urban Knitters is going to be on again January 11th and then every other week following, every two weeks. You need to get reservations to Steven to be a part of this. Get on his mailing list so you know everything that is happening with the Glitter Knitter and the Yarn Garage. Click here to get on the email list.

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