Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Afternoon at the Yarn Garage

It is a lazy and cold Saturday afternoon.  Well we had fun at the shop.  A Junior High guy named Andrew learned to knit.  Lots of customers caught up on the latest yarns that come in weekly to the Yarn Garage.  Monika and Steven worked with each and every customer giving them tips, helping them with project problems, found them just the right color palettes for their new project, set them up with the free skein for the latest charity knitting projects the shop is famous for.  In the back room, Don Sparish and Bob White began the setup of the new Point of Sale system that will be phased in over the near term.  The place was toasty warm which helped folks stay a bit extra to warm up from the cold.  The Yarn from floor to ceiling made a kind of fiber cocoon for creativity and relaxation.  Where were you?  We missed you.

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