Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cast On 110 Stitches and Knit!

This week we had a wonderful guest at the Yarn Garage. Please meet her loveliness, Maureen, or as she's known in our parts of the fiber world, Sparkle Farkle! Ms. Farkle is what we deem a nomadic Floridian. In the summer, she's bitten by a glittery travel bug and hops a plane to us here in Minnesota. She's also been knitting for 57 years (starting at the age of 9) so that makes her 29 years old with 37 years experience. The Yarn Garage and all it's fibery glory has become a pilgrimage for her.

Ms. Farkle has an interesting story I'd like to share with you here. You see, it seems she's in possession of such a mass of yarny goodness that it's creeping from her wall to the depths underneath her bed (that's dust bunny territory my dear). Now, she has an interesting thing she does with this collection. It seems that when she's got the urge to do some creative knitting, she dons her scuba gear and jumps feet first into her stash to come up with a handful of yarns that catch her eye.

Now, from the balls of yarn she gathers from these deep fiber dives she pulls out lengths of yarns from each. Not sure how long, she just eyeballs it...she has her creative license in her purse by the way. She's not sure how her pieces will turn out but she simply says with a youthful shrug of her shoulders and a smile as sparkly as her name, "I won't know until I cast on 110 stitches and knit!" The scarves she makes are a sumptuous piece of work in of themselves, made of collections of ribbon, eyelash and wool yarns.

Ms. Farkle, you are a near and dear friend to us here and the yarn garage. So, when you decide to migrate north, we'll be waiting here with our garage doors open. Till then we'll simply watch the skies for the Sparkle Farkle.

(Steven doing a Rod Stewart impression wearing a Sparkle Farkle Creation.)

Also to note, one of our knitters made the mermaid shawl. This is made of out 100% cotton. Steven is showing off how it can be casually thrown over the shoulder as an add on to any ensemble. (He makes it look so easy.)

Now for this weeks featured pattern. Our lovely Melissa and fellow yarnaholic designed a pattern that will soon be release here. Check it out here...

...The Diva Bag
It's large and comfortable to wear. Made from Louisa Harding Yarns, it's a simple and easy to knit pattern. It's also lined with fabric to ensure that your goodies stay inside and don't poke through the bag.

A close up of the lining. Melissa's mother, who is also a knitter, had sewn the interior. When remarking on how professional a job the sewing looks, she simply cocked an experienced eyebrow and looked at me over the rim of her glasses and said, "That's because I am a professional semstress my dear." And how it shows! That's a mock envelope pocket with a purple bead from it. Oh the details!

When asking how it was done, she said that it was simply taking the measurements of the finished bag and sewing it by machine. The pocket was made from a fat quarter and simply sewn into an envelope. Here's a close up of the beads sewn to the edge.

Also, some of you were interested in the Market Bag pattern designed by Linda Skinlo. If your interested in printing this off, click here for the Let's Go Shopping Market Bag.

A new product at the Yarn Garage.

GoKnit Pouch!

Made for knitting on the go. It comes in three different sizes. The largest with straps for wearing it slung over the shoulder. The smallest size is great for sock, hat, and mitten knitting. Both the middle and small sizes are made to be snapped onto a belt loop, wrist, purse, or anything else you can find that will be willing to hold your yarn bag.

It comes in a variety of colors so pick one for every project. It also has a draw string closure so no snags or catches in the yarn. It's also made of a slippery fabric that won't damage even the most delicate fibers.

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