Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pixie Purls

As the last week before Thanksgiving creeps up on us knitters, we started turning our thoughts to that next holiday that seems to turn our thoughts from ourselves to others. Many of us have our minds set on charity knitting for those in need this year for Christmas. Others have someone special in mind and a to do list of knitting geared towards them.

Brenda finally finished her hooded scarf and showed it off for us. We all discussed how she could bring her pockets in. Deb suggested crocheting them in where I thought a button might do it. We decided to ask Steven what he thought. He merely replied, "Crochet them in and then add a button." Deb and I realized we both work well together.

Mary's hat made it to her recipient, a darling little recipient, that wears it very well. Mary had enough yarn left to whip up this adorable pixie-like hat for this little girl who's mom brought it with for a professional photograph. She's 9 months old and already walking!

There's also some new yarn in this week.

Colinette: Art
79% wool/ 21% Bamboo
173 meters/100 g
5mm Needles

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