Thursday, April 8, 2010

MNfashion Preview Party

Last night, Steven and I (Tim) packed up a taste of the StevenBe Spring Runway Show to promote and meet the rest of the MNfashion Week event holders. Steven was his usual bold, beautiful, and show stopping self! We had a blast meeting and getting to know the other artists, designers, and event holders (check out all the events during MNfashion Week, April 16th-25th).
Since it is MNfashion, who should show up at the preview party? None other than Christopher Straub from Project Runway!

If you haven't seen StevenBe: A Yarn Garage Workshop yet, what better way to say hello than by joining us for a runway show?!

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Steven and Christopher Straub

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DomesticatedBallerina said...

I was in MN visiting last week and stopped by the Yarn Garage! I just adore your store, picked up a fabulous Vivid Allon knitting bag, some gorgeous yarn and a knit kit. Its always a treat stopping by, good luck with fashion week!!