Saturday, June 12, 2010

TNNA - Market Open!

Exciting first day of Shopping at TNNA!

We had an exciting day meeting with yarn companies and designers. We ran into the Ravelry crew and begged them to visit Minnesota! They agreed and we are going to host them in 2011. They are so popular, they are booked through the end of the year! We have got them, though, so don't fear! They will be in Min
nesota soon!

Berroco enticed us with their talented designers Norah Gaughin and Cirilia Rose. Aren't they sweet?! Norah Gaughin vol. 7 is divine
with geode and crystal inspired sweaters and accessories. The new line of Borealis with its shimmering prismatic colorways will delight all.

In addition Berroco distributes the amazing European line named Lang. Their high end fashions made Steven go all Project Runway on us. Check out the three new books we ordered from them soon.

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