Thursday, October 14, 2010

New gadgets......

One of our favorite new gadgets at the
Yarn Garage are Pattern Tamers!
You know how, when you're following along in a written pattern, your eye wanders all over the place and you lose precious knitting time trying to figure out where you left off reading? Well, get these handy dealies and you won't have that problem any more. Each set of Pattern Tamers includes a shorty, a medium-length and a longy. But what are they? They're ribbon-covered magnetic strips. They go where you want them on your pattern and they stay put!
We have three colors to choose from: orange, blue, and pink.

Another new favorite are the Lantern Moon Clam Shell Cases! They are a set of 3 zippered cases in beautiful jewel tones. They nestle inside each other like Russian dolls. Too cute for words!
Stop into our shop to pick up a new, must-have gadget!
See you soon!

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