Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pittsburgh Wrap-up

Steven is home from Pittsburgh and oh, the stories he has to tell!  If you remember, he took Mama Christa, and they rocked it out!  They got in on Thursday night, and as we neglected to arrange a shuttle from the airport,  he had a $100 cab fare!  Let's just say, he was annoyed, until he walked into the hotel lobby and was greeted by Sarah, who declared, "Oh my god!  You're StevenBe!  I am your BIGGEST fan!  Will you sign my Vogue Knitting?"  Steven told me he was mobbed everywhere he went and he felt more like Justin Beiber than Rod Stewart!

He signed so many autographs I had to put him in a wrist brace when he got home!  Friday night he hosted the fashion show and gave it the StevenBe energy and humor!  Steven and Christa set up their booth with Steven's handspun and sparkle and opened for business on Saturday.  They also showed our favorite Mosco sweaters and shawls from Skacel.

Steven had 50 people gathered at all times to see his demonstration on our handspun, mohair, sequin cowls.  Steven and Christa worked non-stop bringing the StevenBe flare to Pittsburgh.  People ate it up!


Joel said...

Hey - I though I was his biggest fan! And, we have just the wrist bracelet for him!

twinsetellen said...

No, me, me, me! I'm his biggest fan!

mommaras said...

How lucky everyone is to know StevenBe. GLad you had such a wonderful time in PA. Need more blog. Love keeping up with everyone and everything on your blog. Missing everyone terribly.

Sarah said...
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