Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fun with blocking!

So this is what we do for fun around the Yarn Garage - we block new samples!  I know, we are just wild!  Our newest sample is the French Market Shawl from Don Waalen (MinnesotaSticks).  We made it in our new favorite yarn, Blue Heron Rayon Metallic.  We are using this for every version of the Mermaid Shawl, as well as, Knitty's Clapotis.  Steven is also creating a new Cropped Cardi using the Rayon Metallic.

Ok, let's get to the blocking!  First, Missy soaked the shawl in a tub of lukewarm water.  In the water she put a cap full of Soak (a rinse free wool wash) and vinegar.  The vinegar will set the color.  This is important if the yarn used is a hand-dyed, such as, Malabrigo or Madelinetosh.  She let the shawl soak for 5-10 minutes.  Then, she used a towel to wring out the excess water.

We spread the shawl out on our blocking mats.  These mats are great because they are interlocking so you can assemble them in whatever shape you need.  
Missy then took blocking wires and wove them through the edge of the shawl to create a nice straight line. 
Finally, she used T-pins to block out the points of the shawl. 
Once the piece has air-dried, we will have perfectly blocked shawl.  Never underestimate the effects of blocking.  It can transform an item!  Happy blocking!

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