Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let your Light Shine!! - The Minneapolis Urban Knitters Group

Every second Sunday, Steven and folks who are Urban Fiber Fanatics meet at the wonderful Wilde Roast in the East Hennepin Area. You need to let Steven know if you are coming so make certain you are on the email list to get the announcements and the specials.

They show their latest creativity and get tips from Steven, The Glitter Knitter, on tuning up projects in the build. There are a lot of exciting new ideas every meeting.

"Steven brought the entire store down here," one of the knitters said.

When you see the designs and the fibers and the energy at the Urban Knitters group, it becomes obvious that there is a whole new level of fiber art going on here. This "ain't your grandmother's knitting."

Working with Steven is not for your average fiber artist. His energy is infectious, his skills phenomenal, his ideas amazing.

There are a number of events where you can meet and work with this astounding artist. You can find them on the Yarn Garage Calendar here.  For the latest information on all Yarn Garage happenings join the Yarn Garage Email list. Just click on the "Sign Up Today" button and give the Yarn Garage your Information. You will then receive an email from the Yarn Garage which you need to respond to. This guarantees that you and you alone are signing up.

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