Monday, March 10, 2008

What a Night at the Rosemount Starbucks!!

Over 30 Knit and Crochet Fiber fanatics had a blast at Starbucks in Rosemount tonight. They enjoyed attention from Steven and Steven's Mom, Christa, working on their own projects and also working on Glitter Knitter Gang charitable hats to give to newborns. Steven showed some of the new and exciting fibers that just arrived at the shop and, to those who are on the Glitter Knitter email list, gave out great discounts on the latest and greatest yarns. This is a not to be missed event.

Bob White played show and folk tunes on the violin while the wonderful Starbucks crew served treats and great Starbucks coffee. Bob also invited the gang to sign up for the Fall "Cast Off to England, The Great British/American Knitting Tour" that Steven is hosting. For more information on that, click here.

Remember, every second Monday of the Month, the gang gathers at Starbucks in Rosemount. Be there next month for special spring knitting projects Steven will bring.

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