Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Kanye West... full luscious racks...of yarn. This weeks Wednesday night was a whir of miscellaneous topics.
We have an uncanny ability to cover almost any and all topics in a record amount of time. Give us two hours, a voluptuous skein of yarn and some chocolate and we'll be set for a night of gabbing, knitting, and sinning with calories.

There were a few finished objects that night. This one emerged from the back room just before the end of the class. Knit in a fine frog tree yarn, it's beauty is only surpassed by it's soft luxurious feel.

LaShelle finished her love knot shawl. A simple crocheted project but it works up fine and wonderful as a finished piece. She added some matching ribbon to the ends as a fringe. It was a favorite amongst the knitters that night, and a surprise to many, she's simply going to give it away as a gift. What a wonderful heart, remind me to tell me when my birthday is.

So, if you're ever in the mood for some knitting in your hands, chocolate on your thighs and some cacophony of gabbing in your ears, please come on down to the Wednesday night class.

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pat said...

I love Wednesday night news!! Pat