Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day

With yesterday's weather, it's no surprise some of us couldn't make it to the knitting class. Those who stayed home felt the storm was in fact proof of a higher power...who wanted us to stay home in our pajamas and knit...preferably by a fire with cookies and hot chocolate. So, we're going to revisit some things from past classes that we didn't get a chance to talk about.

We all know of Steven's ingenious design ability and his knack for making something chic and innovative with few materials. His new design is revolved around Fiber Welding. A neat art form that takes wool roving and a felting needle to make a design. Add this to clothes, bags, shoes, hats and scarves to fancy anything up. Steven has been pondering on making this a class. If you're interested, drop him a line and let him know!

Also to note in the travel guide, Fiber and Fabric Mania, Steven has two ads offered for his Shops. One strictly for Steven Be and one for both Steven Be and the Yarn Garage. So if you're reading this and are out of town and want to stop by, Steven will be sure to be at either store. Drop by and say hello...but be sure to bring your needles.

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