Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wall to wall knitting

This week was so packed with knitters that seats were few and far between. Steven had so many people there that we only showed a few samples of new yarn. There were many new faces which is great to see. Just to give you an idea of how packed it's a shot of the store.. Can you find Steven?

We did watch Steven do a great lesson on how to create jogless stripping. When working in two or more colors in the round, you often have a "step" from one color to the next that gives the impression of a seam in your work. This is annoying to most people, so Steven showed the novices as well as the knitters of experience a simple way to avoid this.

Also, those of you who want to do some charity knitting, Mary is in need of hats, mittens and scarves. Sizes should be for 5 and under. They're going to children of need in Northern Wisconsin. So, if you're interested you can drop them off at the Yarn Garage by December 16th.

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