Sunday, September 20, 2009

Elegant Day at StevenBe

What an elegant opening day!!! Jazz playing live, multiple demos, brand new products, a fantastic Fiber Artist Disneyland and the Glitter Knitter was in the house, in fact, his house. (He lives upstairs.) If you have not been there, you are out of the creative fiber artist loop.

Don't hesitate to get on the email list and find out when you can next visit StevenBe's

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Kanye West... full luscious racks...of yarn. This weeks Wednesday night was a whir of miscellaneous topics.
We have an uncanny ability to cover almost any and all topics in a record amount of time. Give us two hours, a voluptuous skein of yarn and some chocolate and we'll be set for a night of gabbing, knitting, and sinning with calories.

There were a few finished objects that night. This one emerged from the back room just before the end of the class. Knit in a fine frog tree yarn, it's beauty is only surpassed by it's soft luxurious feel.

LaShelle finished her love knot shawl. A simple crocheted project but it works up fine and wonderful as a finished piece. She added some matching ribbon to the ends as a fringe. It was a favorite amongst the knitters that night, and a surprise to many, she's simply going to give it away as a gift. What a wonderful heart, remind me to tell me when my birthday is.

So, if you're ever in the mood for some knitting in your hands, chocolate on your thighs and some cacophony of gabbing in your ears, please come on down to the Wednesday night class.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wonderful Finishings

This week we all had amassed a great amount of finished garments. Melissa and Teresa modeled some of the knitted garments on display at the store for the class. There was quite a stir over the yarn used in some of these projects.

One of these yarns is a new shipment of yarns from Karabella. It's scrumptious and delightfully soft. Made from Merino wool, it feels like down feathers and satin next to the skin.

The Mermaid Shawl was traipsing in all her loveliness from needles around the shop.

Here she's just beginning to bud in a striped soft yarn in shades of gray.

Cheryl is almost half way through her burgundy version of the Mermaid. She's traveling to Florida soon and this will be a wonderful addition to a nice winter wardrobe in a warm climate.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Wilde Roast with the Urban Knitters Group

The Glitter Knitter drapes a newly completed entrelock scarf that Ardys created. I think this is one of her new favorite techniques. Also, one of Steven's favorite classes to teach.

Linda models her nearly complete modular knit triangle wrap. This project is an amazing collage of fibers that is extremely time consuming but makes for an awesome knitting journey.

Ann models her project completion started at the last Urban Knitters when Steven Held a class on Mobius knitting. This is an amazing project and a must make for fall. Call the Yarn Garage to set up a class with Steven.

Judy enjoys one of the fabulous lunches at Wilde Roast. Ann is working on her "Jackie-O" fall sweater will Linda nears the end of a luxurious ribbon wrap. These ladies have all gone on at least one of the Glitter Knitter Knitting adventures...Caribbean and/or England. You will have to join us next summer.

Sallie returns to Urban Knitters after a busy summer. She listens to the story of the new StevenBe studio and receives the private invite. Sallie has won an amazing award at the state fair for one of her original rug hooking creations. Hopefully, she will grace us with her talents and StevenBe this winter.

Barb looks on while knitting her ponchini as our return guest Sharon joins in the fun with a roaring chuckle about "shawls at the Lake Harriet Band shell" You had to be there.

Suzanne has become a pillar of the Urban Knitter group. We have captured her showing her out of town guest and sister-in-law, Annette some of Steven's exciting trunk show items. Our LA Urban knitter fell in love with so many of Steven's fibers she probably had to buy an extra suitcase to return home. HA!

The Glitter Knitter doing his own project runway with the samples from Karabella's book Runway Knits. Be sure and stop in the shop to see these amazing knits from an amazing New York, Berta Karapetyan. This book has 30 incredible designs.

Yet another new Urban Knitter. Mama Christa teaches Lori the good old fashioned German cast on. Mom also sports the days free pattern...the cascading ruffled, sequined neck frolic.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Luxuries of the Fiber Kind

This Wednesday was filled with many accomplished projects and itchy knitter fingers still at the ready looking for more cast on fixes. What can I say? We knitters just love that new project smell. There were socks being casted on and ripped out and then cast on again, all with the aspirations of learning a new technique.

A new woolen bag with handles ready for a top loading washing machine. After it's felted this ginormous hobo bag will be sleek, chic, and ready for all those yarn goodies that go into a fab bag like this. We're excited to see it when it's felted and dry.

Here's another wonderfully knitted F.O. (Finished Object). A warm and deliciously glamorous sweater. Made with different types of ribbon yarn and metallics thrown in for good measure. This garment is made specially for the Oh's and Ah's of the knitter kind. Don't let lady's this soft smile fool you, the sweater is as bold as her personality...she's just being coy.

We love seeing the progress of knitting, we're knitters, we love knitting. But we also love seeing what comes from all the time, yarn, and love invested in each project. So, don't mind if we end up petting the sleeve of the sweater you're wearing and asking what yarn was used or what pattern it is. We're's what we do.

New for this week...

Yarn! Glamorous Yarn!

79% Wool/ 21% Bamboo
Size 5mm Needles/ U.S. #8
100gms/ 173 meters

Art Yarns
Beaded Pearl & Sequins
100% Silk w/ glass beads and sequins
50 gm / 80 yards

There's also a new pattern book in the store. Reversible Knits by Iris Schreier. This book is chock full of great new patterns that are already whispering sweet nothings to our needles. One in particular like this Flirty Headband below that uses a single skein of the featured silk yarn here. Come into the store and check out the book for yourself, make sure you check out the variety of Art Yarns we have in stock.

Also, for those sock knitters, there's new Jitterbug!

Fingering/4 ply
320 yards/ 110 grams
U.S. #3 needle

Featured Pattern for this week...

Baby Beach Blanket
It's soft, luxurious, warm and made with 10 balls of pure Heaven. No really, the yarn is called Heaven...

100% Nylon
50 grams/ 55 yards
#11 Needles
Machine Washable!

Guess what. It feels like Heaven too. It's soft and cozy. Perfect for baby items like a blanket. And if you want a treasured baby item for the little one in your life, this pattern makes what will sure to become a favorite blanky.