Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

We are at the dawn of a new year and so we've taken a moment to reflect on some of our previous knitted objects from 2009. Some of them caused us great stress and frustration as we knitted them while learning a new technique. But being at the yarn garage we've always had the knowledge that Steven would be there to help us with finishings, casting on, jogless stripes and other things. So, from your knitters of 2009 and previous years, we say a huge thanks to Steven, a true knitting guru.

Even though Christmas is over and our garments having been wrapped and tucked neatly under the tree for their intended, winter is still upon us. From what I've heard, winter is cold and filled with snow. Which means we still have a whole season of cold before us to knit for.

Steven has an array of wools and patterns in the shop. With any luck when your head stops whirring with the sight of all the yarn goodness you might be able to find one pattern to start knitting. I suggest finding something that heralds in a wonderful new year and make it a benchmark in time for a new knitting year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas on the way!

Christmas is in the air and it smells like Namaste bags and machine washable yarn...and cookies. There was plenty of new things in the store and we showed them off last night. Like the new chic Namaste bags in red. Vibrant and beautiful, they'll hold your projects and catch compliments.

We also had a sampling of hors d'oeuvres and cookies. Deb brought in stuffed mushrooms and generously handed out the recipe. They were delicious and fresh and looked beautiful.

Amidst of all the hub bub and food, was yarn piled on yarn and then insulated of fresh unopened bags of yarn. Machine washable yarn from Plymouth.

Plymouth Select
100% Superwash Merino Wool
5sts=1" on #7 needle
100 gms/ 218 yards

Mary also brought in a new dress she made for a little girl. This cute dress is made with all the cute details any jumper needs.

Pockets in seed stitch and accents of gold, red and white garter stitch sewn on the front.

An adorable hem in garter and seed stitch. Done in stockinette stitch, it comes together as a beautiful heirloom piece and warm for the winter. There's so many little details she put into this dress that just shows how much care one can put into a knitted garment for someone they love.

The Glitter Knitter Gang delivers Charity Knitting to Mary Jo Copeland's Sharing and Caring Hands.

We had a blast taking the gifts to Mary Jo Copeland's Sharing and Caring Hands. I wish all of you who so selflessly gave of your time and the wonderful Yarn Companies who donated the yarn could have been with us.

Thanks to all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey!!! I am working with Meghan on some new exciting projects

There is a diversity of artistic expression going on at StevenBe. We celebrate music, fine arts and of course, Fashion Design. Meghan has come from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She graced us one of the warm sunny days of November with her runway show. We gave her a StevenBe Project Runway type challenge. She is creating a dress for StevenBe. Check out her progress on her blog.

We welcome all of you to bring in your joy and creativity. See you at StevenBe or The Yarn Garage.

Snow Day

With yesterday's weather, it's no surprise some of us couldn't make it to the knitting class. Those who stayed home felt the storm was in fact proof of a higher power...who wanted us to stay home in our pajamas and knit...preferably by a fire with cookies and hot chocolate. So, we're going to revisit some things from past classes that we didn't get a chance to talk about.

We all know of Steven's ingenious design ability and his knack for making something chic and innovative with few materials. His new design is revolved around Fiber Welding. A neat art form that takes wool roving and a felting needle to make a design. Add this to clothes, bags, shoes, hats and scarves to fancy anything up. Steven has been pondering on making this a class. If you're interested, drop him a line and let him know!

Also to note in the travel guide, Fiber and Fabric Mania, Steven has two ads offered for his Shops. One strictly for Steven Be and one for both Steven Be and the Yarn Garage. So if you're reading this and are out of town and want to stop by, Steven will be sure to be at either store. Drop by and say hello...but be sure to bring your needles.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wall to wall knitting

This week was so packed with knitters that seats were few and far between. Steven had so many people there that we only showed a few samples of new yarn. There were many new faces which is great to see. Just to give you an idea of how packed it's a shot of the store.. Can you find Steven?

We did watch Steven do a great lesson on how to create jogless stripping. When working in two or more colors in the round, you often have a "step" from one color to the next that gives the impression of a seam in your work. This is annoying to most people, so Steven showed the novices as well as the knitters of experience a simple way to avoid this.

Also, those of you who want to do some charity knitting, Mary is in need of hats, mittens and scarves. Sizes should be for 5 and under. They're going to children of need in Northern Wisconsin. So, if you're interested you can drop them off at the Yarn Garage by December 16th.