Thursday, February 4, 2010

Notions and Smelly stuff

Yesterday we were bombarded with a wonderful plethora of smells. From the hand bars made from real Shea butter and natural oils to the yarn! That's right, even the yarn smelled like lavender. We're all looking forward to the snow melting and being able to knit outside. Mmm, I can almost smell the BBQ's being fired up.

These wonderful 100% natural bars came in a variety of scents. If you're interested, stop by the yarn garage soon because they are a favorite amongst the Wednesday night girls. For $12, this bar will not only last a while, it will get rid of your dry scratchy skin. Shea butter acts as a hydrating element that replenishes skin of lost oils. Perfect for those dry knitters hands. Or your ankles, or heels, or heck anything that's suffered from the cold winter air.

We also have the Ravelry edition of SOAK, as well as the kits featuring the logo and of course, Bob the Boston terrier featured on a scarf. Write or stop by the Yarn Garage to ask Steven about this kit.

*Can you find the typo in this blog post? If so, send
Steven an email with the word that was mispelled for 20% your next purchase.

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