Thursday, January 28, 2010

Socks and Classes

Last night, there were plenty of knitting of sweaters and hats. But what took the center stage was socks. With some time for selfish knitting before the rush for Easter, we took liberties at making ourselves some wonderful garments. I personally have been making some alpaca socks from some luxurious Cascade (with demands from the other people of my household for a pair of their own.)

Whilst we knitted onward, Steven grabbed some great garments from the back to show us. Drop stitch and Cable stitches constructed into shawls and sweaters. With an array of colors to choose from ranging from a midnight blue to red and gold to a glistening snowy white.

We also talked about classes he's planning on teaching. There's one that I'm fond of, that includes a bag full of yarn scraps, two needles, no sewing and a sweater in the end. If you're interested, pop over to the yarn garage website to check their class listings and sign up for the newsletter.

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