Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SWAG BAG!!!!!!

Alright folks, if you haven't found a reason to sign up for Fiber Fest 2011, maybe this will encourage you to call and reserve your classes! 

That's right!  That is a Namaste Hermosa Bag holding all the of the fabulous swag!  If you sign up for the entire weekend, you will receive a Hermosa filled with goodies valued from $750 to $1,000!  In addition, there will be a lottery for a Signature circular needle. 

For more information and to register for Fiber Fest 2011, click here

Are you on Ravelry?  Join our Fiber Fest 2011 group and share your stories! 

I hope to see you all this weekend at StevenBe or Yarn Garage for our March Madness Open House!

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor!!!!  We will miss the biggest Diva of all time!  xoxoxo

1 comment:

twinsetellen said...

For the record, I signed up before a bag was even hinted at. A full weekend of Steven, Jeremy, Jessie, and Tim was all the bribe I needed. ;-)