Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes, Yarn Garage has Katia Triana!  I started a Triana scarf sample so people could see how the yarn is knit.  As I kept showing people my sample, I decided I couldn't live without it and I bought it for myself.  It is currently on display at StevenBe.  The pattern that comes with the yarn calls for one skein to make the scarf.  I wanted mine to be a bit more dramatic, so I used two skeins.  A little bird told me that Triana is sold out everywhere online.........never fear, the Yarn Garage & StevenBe are fully stocked for your ruffly scarf needs!  We also have Flounce and Rizos so you can choose the degree of fabulous for your own ruffle scarf.  Triana is the most abstract and artistic.  The Flounce has a little more subtle ruffling, with an artistic flare.  The Rizos is very structured and creates clean, clear ruffles.


mommaras said...

so do you have flamenco also. So done with those scarves I knit to many. Out all of them and gave them away and never took pics. Love alalof them.

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

Had a great day at the StevenBe open house today! If you all didn't stop by today, do it TOMORROW! I love his shops!

Yarn Garage said...

We do have the Flamenco as well!