Monday, May 16, 2011

Yarnover & Shepherd's Harvest

The Fantastic Fiber Fest 2011 was seriously fantastic! 

I think I speak for everyone when I say our teachers were outstanding and our special guests were so much fun!  Nadine from Be Sweet showed off some really amazing products.  She showed us a new line of yarn - Medium weight Brushed Mohair.  It is gorgeous!  Of course, it is still in production so we don't have it in stock yet.  We had our t-shirt yarn replenished and she brought lots of colors for the striped shawl in extra fine boucle. 

Nadine spoke to the Wild Women of Wednesday and we had an all day Be Sweet day at StevenBe on Thursday.  It was great to hear about her mission for Be Sweet and all the wonderful things they have accomplished in South Africa.  She also described the itinerary for our 2012 South Africa trip.  Talk to Steven for more information.  It will an amazing experience.
Check out this fab free pattern from Be Sweet's blog:
Yes, we have the yarn for it!  Love it!

Sarah and Mary Heather from Ravelry hosted meet-ups at our booth at Yarnover and at StevenBe.  On Sunday they gave a lecture on features of Ravelry and how to use them.  It was really informative and we had a full house of listeners.  You may have seen a review the of the weekend on Ravelry.  We made the front page!!!!!

We had fun with all our teachers - Annie, Pam, Julie and Nicky!  They all taught great classes.  I think everyone learned something!  They all inspired us to expand our ideas about knitting and crocheting.  We were sad to see them go home.  We didn't want our weekend of fun and learning to end!  The wrap-up party was pretty fun, though.
Steven handout tons of swag!
Here is one of the happy recipients!

The next weekend you could find us at Shepherd's Harvest:

We did not leave Shepherd's Harvest with a rabbit or any other type of fiber producing animal.  We do know someone who did leave with a new know who you are!  Thanks to everyone who came to visit us!  We had lots of fun! 

We look forward to our Memorial Day weekend BBQ and the SDA conference/DIY fest in June. 

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twinsetellen said...

I am still recovering and still SO THANKFUL to all of you. I really need a picture of the shop on my computer so when work gets me down I can go to my happy place.