Saturday, April 23, 2011

Announcements and special acknowledgements!

Only in Minnesota can we experience snow one day and balmy weather the next.  I am constantly kept guessing.  One thing I can count on is excitement when it comes to the Yarn Garage and StevenBe.  It is almost time when we will welcome Nadine from Be Sweet yarns, Julie from CocoKnits, and Nicky Epstein from, well, Nicky Epstein, into our midst. 

I am anxious with anticipation!  The staff and I are working hard to make sure both shops look fantastic for our amazing guests!  I also don't want to disappoint any of our fabulous customers that will be gathering for Fiber Fest 2011.  Before I launch into all things Fiber Fest, I need to take care of some business.

Both StevenBe and Yarn Garage will be CLOSED Sunday, April 24th.  I can't believe it, the Easter Bunny is working and Steven ISN'T!  Feel free to grill Steven about what he has planned for his day of rest.  He has been ordered to relax and not work, but you know Steven........oh, and don't be afraid to bring him ALL of the Easter candy you fail to consume.  His favorites are chocolate, so keep that in mind.

I would like to send out a BIG, BIG thanks to everyone who helped make our fashion show a tremendous success!  I have to do a few plugs here, so hang in there with me.

Hair and Makeup was done by the AMAZING Brett Dorian Artistry Studio.  They are located in the Semble Mansion in Minneapolis and they are true artists! Here is an example of their work on our model Stephanie.

 East 42nd St Salon also provided hair and makeup to our fabulous models.  Here is an example of their work on our model Ashley.

Music and lights were provided by Geoffrey M Blanton and associates.

Turtle Bread/Cafe Levain provided the food.  Vino 100 provided the champagne.

Dave, Thomas Andrs and Mad Dads provided security and valet parking.  Elliot and Nick were our outstanding waitstaff.

Tim and Jeremy were the production staff behind the entire event.  The program was a labor of love spearheaded by Jeremy.  Thanks to Stephanie and Lauren for making the shop look great for the show.  Thanks to all the staff at Yarn Garage for holding down the fort!

BIG, HUGE, couldn't have done it without you thanks go to Emily, my production assistant/intern. 
Thank you to Kathryn who helped dress the models and run errands. Thank you more than I can say to Sarah Burgduff for her unfailing guidance and support.  She helped secure beautiful, talented models and the Brett Dorian Salon.

Photography was provided by a number of sources including Tom Duevel.

We also had talented MN Fashion Week photographer Rhea Pappas.

Additional entertainment was provided by Mistress Ginger.

Of course, it couldn't have happened without all our know who you are.

All of this was done to benefit Guadalupe, who survived a shooting in November.  We were able to give her a sizable donation which we hope will help to make her home more handicap accessible.

To anyone I may have not mentioned, 
thank you and we couldn't have done it without everyone's support!

Nadine from Be Sweet will be making a special apperance at Yarn Garage on Wednesday, April 27th for our Wine and Cheese preview party.  It will be really fun.  We will look at trunk show garments from Be Sweet, Coco Knits, and Nicky Epstein.  You can try them on and decide which look is the best for you.  Nadine will also be with Steven all day at StevenBe on Thursday, April 28th.  Thurday launches our class weekend with Annie Modesitt teaching colorwork.  Thursday night we will have another Wine and Cheese preview party for those of you who can't make it to the Yarn Garage on Wednesday night.  Friday brings Nicky to StevenBe and Julie to Yarn Garage.  Come early for the coffee clutch at 9:00am, get settled in, meet your teacher and classmates, and enjoy coffee, tea and snacks.  Saturday we hope to see you all at Yarnover.  Steven, Tim, Kathy and I will be at our booth.  You will know which booth is ours.  It is the biggest and most ostentatious.  I suppose we will also be wearing pink jumpsuits.........

In Ravelry news, Sarah and Mary Heather will be at Yarnover on Saturday.  Come to our booth to see them and get a photo!  Also, Saturday night we will be hosting a meet up at StevenBe.  We will have a Ravelry Red carpet with a special "Wall Bob" as a fun backdrop for you to pose with Sarah and Mary Heather.  Also, bring your favorite Ravelry project for more photo ops. 

Jeremy wants me to remind everyone to have their homework done for class.  "Study Hall" is in session Monday 6-8pm at Yarn Garage and Tuesday, 12-8pm at StevenBe.

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