Saturday, November 24, 2012

WWSD...What Would Steven Do....

On Small Business Saturday?

He would start his day with a visit to May Day Cafe and get his morning coffee and a chocolate croissant. 

Or perhaps the GIGANTIC cinnamon roll. 

Then,  he would swing over to Opitz Outlet for a leisurely shopping experience. 

Who knows what designer deals he will discover!

After that, he would refuel at Urban Bean.  You know how Steven loves his coffee!!

Then, he would have his hair cut and colored at East 42nd St Salon.

I am sure he would need to eat at some point, so off to Wilde Roast Cafe!

He would have the Roxy with cheese and take some cake home for dessert!  YUM!!

Now, we ALL know he isn't ACTUALLY doing this today.  He is work at StevenBe to spread knitting cheer to all on this most important shopping day.  Whether you visit one of our stores or another small business, please think of all your favorite small businesses!  Without your support, we wouldn't be here!  

What will you be doing on Small Business Saturday? 

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