Wednesday, April 3, 2013

For Your Review: Bryspun Stainless Steel Sock Blockers

Ok, sometimes socks DO need a serious blocking. Maybe your ssk decreases don't look so great (mine don't!), or maybe you're going to photograph a sock for something, or you just don't want your dad to think his socks look all weird because they've never been worn.

Metal blockers to the rescue. With stainless steel blockers, you can pull a sock on and STEAM away any problems you have, just like they do in clothing shops. You can use a pro steamer, a teakettle or a really hot shower. Either way, your socks will look better in way less time than it would take to wash and dry them.

The hook makes them easy to hang, either to dry or for steaming!

Do you care if your socks look strange right off the needles?


Annie said...

Great blockers - love that you can steam with them!

A very good blocking steamer is the Scunci

No affiliation, but folks are always asking me where I got mine...

Yarn Garage said...