Wednesday, April 10, 2013

For Your Review: Perfect Sock Stitch Markers?

I have a LOT of stitch markers. Fancy ones, plain ones, locking ones, blue ones, you name it.

But, even though HiyaHiya calls these "safety pins," I think they are the perfect stitch markers for socks.

1) They are thin. They don't stretch out the spaces in-between stitches like thicker ones can.
2) They don't have dangles hanging down. For some reason, I always get these tangled up in my sock knitting. Larger projects, I'm fine, but dangles on sock stitch markers drive me nuts, pretty as they are.
3) The wider bit at the bottom? Keeps the stitch marker from creating drag as it moves down the needle.
4) There's no little blip at the top of the marker. This is great because the blips on regular safety pins can snag knitting.
5) They lock/unlock. This is perfect because you can hang them off a work in progress to measure decreases, for example. Also, if you sometimes get your markers tangled up in your knitting (I don't know HOW that happens, but it does!), you can unhook these very easily.

Come by and get some before I buy them all!

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