Sunday, June 21, 2009


June 2oth Junk Sale in Burnsville.
Yes, I stepped out of my comfort zone and sat outside all day promoting knitting in public. I joined the folks at Touch of Home  for their summer time junk sale. Linda, Elliot and I had 2 truckloads of sale yarn to share with our knitting public. I worked on my new obsession with big needle knits. It sure is a show stopper.
Knitting has the same effect on the public, as walking a cute puppy. I was fortunate to have both in this photo. Sorry, his face was very cute. Ha!

We emptied a few baskets of yarn into the knitting public's bags.  But as usual Steven bought more than he sold. The sun tooks it's toll on all of us so we packed it up and left around 3pm. When I got back to the Yarn Garage to help Monika and Melissa, the store filled up and we had a full evening of knitters from out of town. I was starving.....thank goodness, Lynette stopped by my booth earlier and gave me a wonderful Lindt chocolate bar with pear. Bless her ever blooming heart.

Linda brought her comfortable lawn chairs and we handed out business cards and class schedules to any one that slowed down long enough. The kids seemed the most interested.
Of course, a few of my friends and family like Victoria stopped by to say hello. She was on break from her summer job at Linders Garden Center. Burnsville has never looked so good.

Hurry in to see the great antiques and bric-a-brac I picked up for the new shop. Oh! how I love cool junk.

More blogging to come..... I haven't even finished telling about all the yarn show festivities.


Jazz Fiddler said...

I really like hearing from the REAL Glitter Knitter. Thanks for taking the time to post.

Nadine said...

HI Steven its Nadine from why up yonder in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Boy I wish we lived closer my mom and I would have been there in a heart beat. Love those huge needles. Sorry I havent called things are bad for me right now. Will chat soon..Nadine