Thursday, June 18, 2009


This has been an exciting summer for the Yarn Garage. I have so much brewing in my creative kettle. This last week I took Christa, the senior glitter knitter, to The National Needlework show in Columbus. Here she is at check-in where the whole staff have become our friends and welcomes the Glitter Knitter Comedy Act every show.

There was so much new to see that we behaved like one of those shopping shows where you have a limited amount of time to fill your shopping cart.

I took a few samples from the shop for mom and I to wear something different each day of the show. This white shawl she is sporting has become very popular again at the . 
It is a simple triangle knit from outer long point to the opposite side creating the fringe as you go. The fringe magically forms when you are done.
Christa sports a hand crocheted purse that, as she says, "I could have made."
Stop in and check out all the great new ideas.

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