Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Winter's Door

With Autumn on our door step and Winter making it's way up the road behind it there's much buzz going on about what to knit next. People made their way in to the store that hadn't knit in over a year and loaded baskets with warm wool with varied hues. Not sure what would be knit with it, but knowing that it must be warm, pretty and knit by hand.

The "New Twist On The Block" cowl is a huge hit. An easy and quick knit this works up fast. With an added "twist" it settles in nicely on the neck and allows you to wear it with any ensemble.

Here's the finished bag that we saw a few weeks ago, finally felted and dried. All stitches are invisible and hidden allowing the colors to meld perfectly into each other. Would it surprise you she's making another...with a hat to match?

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RuthieJ said...

Love that bag! Thanks for remembering to post a picture for us.
I also love that fringed suede vest. I wanted one so badly as a teen in the 70's and I think they're still cool (as an old lady in my 50's). You Rock Steven!