Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mr. Noro

With yarn abound and seemingly holding up the ceiling of the store, you'd think we knitters don't get very excited over anything new. Truth is, we love it. Call it wool, call it fiber, call it yarn, but what ever you do, don't call it string. It's more, and you won't know it until you can indulge in the connoisseur side of the knitting world.

This week, the store got in a very large and very much loved shipment of Noro. Sarah, in the above picture, is modeling a wonderful shawl-like sweater. With lovely drape and gorgeous color play, it contrasts nicely with the black. Made completely from Noro, the self striping yarn allows for color change with out the hassle of adding new yarn.

Here is a close up of some of the much coveted yarn. As you can see, the coloring of each skein is vibrant and varying in many complimentary hues. Some of the skeins contrast sharply between colors only create a wonderful variant spectrum. Come in and see all the colors the store offers!

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