Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cozy Up and Cast On

With Autumn in full bloom already and mutterings of an early snow, now would be great moment to take advantage of the cold weather and unwind with a skein of wool. Socks, mittens, hats and scarves, the choices are boundless and tempting.

In the store, there's some handy 9" needles from Clover. These are excellent for smaller projects like mittens, specially those fair isle Norwegian mittens that are so beautiful. They're made from bamboo, which offers enough stick for your yarn to ensure it won't slip but slick enough to make your projects fly.

Melissa also taught a class on lace knitting and here's a scarf made by one of the people who attended. It's made from Rain by Bee Sweet. A bamboo blend that feels so soft to the skin but warm enough to act as a great substitute to wool for those with allergies or who want variety in their warm weather wear. It also has a gradient from a darker color to a lighter shade, giving it a rain washed look.

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