Thursday, January 21, 2010

Restocking the knitting bag

Now that Steven is back and at the ready for more knitting projects, we can take a break and start knitting something fun. Not to say there's anything that would be not so enjoyable about knitting, but that we can take a break from our usual knitting and do some more fun projects.

While doing my usual perusing of online patterns I came across some goodies that were not only fun but free. With some great yarn and needles from Steven some goodies were made. Like the "We call them pirates" hat. Knit for the hockey playing Canadian of the house, he assures you that it's warm, durable and pretty darn cool. If you're interested in this knit, stop in by the yarn garage for some yarn and Steven will help you with the specs of the pattern.

Some fast knits I found were these leg warmers being worn at the Wednesday knit night with matching caplet. A gorgeous gray ensemble this can be worn over simple long sleeve shirts and knit in any color. These darlings work up fast! If you're interested, talk with Steven about the pattern.

If you're unfortunate to be stuck here in Minnesota this winter, you know how difficult it is to find proper "functionable" gloves. Or Mittens. Gloves are nice, but mittens are warm. Can't decide, try "glittens". Gloves AND mittens. Steven has some Hacho yarn in the shop that's perfect for this project. Knit on #3 needles with DK yarn.

So whatever your next project might be, stop in and see Steven and grab some knitting supplies and be sure to talk with Steven about knitting questions, StevenBe, or just to say hi!

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