Thursday, January 7, 2010


This week Steven left us for a nice long warm trip to Long Beach for the TNNA festival. I'm honestly not sure why, I mean look at what he's going to miss out on.

Ok, so going somewhere warm right now sounds much more appealing than Minnesota. Special right now since it's snowing..again. But, we're all ok with the idea of Steven taking the trip since we know he'll be back. We're holding his yarn stash ransom, so he has to come back.

At the TNNA Steven will not only be working on his fabulous tan that this Minnesota weather seems to hinder in the winter months, he'll be scouting out new and wonderful yarns for us here at home. He'll also be surrounded by some of the neatest knitting folks out there like Cat Bordhi, Melissa Lipman, and Jared Flood.

So Steven, from your loving fiber family back home. We miss you and have fun!!!

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