Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final Days at TNNA

Okay, so we flew back from L.A. on Monday night, and I do realize that I am almost a week late in reporting on our last two days at TNNA.  I beg your forgiveness and I hope the wait will have been worth it!  One of the biggest things that happened at TNNA was Steven placing our first order with Shibui Knits!

Here he is wearing their fabulous Piega Cowl and don't worry, we ordered the pattern and the yarn to go with it.  Their yarn is beautiful and we will be unpacking in a the next month or so.  Julie, the designer behind CocoKnits, uses Shibui yarn.  She will be one of the teachers we are hosting during Yarnover weekend.  Steven will once again have classes before and after the Yarnover.  It will be called StevenBe's Fabulous Fiber Frolic.  Okay, so we are still working on the name of the weekend festivities, but whatever the name it will be amazing.  Also, the Ravelry crew will be in town to discuss Ravelry with everyone!

This is Steven with Mary-Heather, Jessica, Casey and Sarah, all from Ravelry.  This picture was taken in the Madelinetosh booth with the fantastic Madelinetosh girls!  Their booth is ALWAYS beautifully displayed.  They were taking Polaroids of everyone and then you were supposed to write on the Polaroid the name of the color of Madelinetosh that best described your personality.  Not your favorite Madelinetosh color, but the color that matches your personality
I chose "Baltic" as my color. 

What would your color be?  Steven got distracted before I could get him to decide on his color.  What color do you think best describes Steven?  Click here to see Madelinetosh colors

We were super excited  to see everyone from Namaste and to see the new Namaste Bitty Bag
Email Steven for your Bitty Bag pre-order.  Here we are with Kelly from Namaste Inc.

Another celebrity who will be visiting us during Yarnover weekend is.........
Nicky Epstein!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She will be our mistress of ceremonies!  Her new book "Knitting Block by Block" will be in the shop soon.  Steven may let you take a peek at his personalized signed copy before the our arrives. 

We had a good time with the boys from Feza Yarns.  We have some great new samples from them and they sent us great new one skein patterns using Alp Oriental.  Emre and his brother Emir are the brothers that run Feza here in the USA.  Their company has been in the yarn business for 50 years in Turkey, and they have been here in the United States since 2004.  They took us out to dinner at The Ivy. 

Dinner was fantastic and we love Feza and the Feza family!  After dinner we had another run-in with a celebrity.  Well, everyone else had a run-in with Christian Slater!  I just happened to have left the table when he got up and stood right next to our table to talk to a waiter.  When I came back to the table, Steven asked, "Who is Christian Slater?"  Really?! He doesn't know Christian Slater?  Dreamy, dreamy Christian Slater?!?  I just don't think it is fair that Steven kept seeing celebrities and I only saw a terrified Maureen McCormick.  He didn't even appreciate the Christian Slater sighting!  Steven described him as "short and scruffy!" 

Anyway, back to yarn...........

Here is Steven with the Trendsetter team. 

This concludes the TNNA report.  One last picture for you all.  Here is Steven in our rented PT Cruiser convertible.  Please note the amount of luggage sticking out of the backseat.  Keep in mind the trunk was all full of luggage.
And here I am.....
I am attempting to look very chic and sophisticated, but I think it came off as disgruntled.  I have to admit, I was disgruntled that we had to leave the beautiful California weather.  See you later, L.A.!!!   

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