Saturday, January 8, 2011

TNNA Day Two and Three......

Day Two in California took us to Santa Monica and Fred Segal.  It looks like cowls, scarves, capelets, and slouchy hats are still on trend for spring and summer.  Steven had his first celebrity sighting!  It was Carson Kressley!  Of course, Steven didn't have the camera with him, but he SWEARS it was Carson.  We also cruised up and down Main street checking out the local boutiques.  It looks like knitting has hit Santa Monica.  We found hand-knit Swiffer covers!  Who knows, perhaps we will have to have a class on this phenomenon!  We also stopped into American Rag, the store where Steven was discovered by Versace!  This is were we had our second celebrity sighting.  We saw Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia on The Brady Bunch.  Actually, Steven almost ran her over when pulling into the American Rag parking lot!  Oops!  Then, we relaxed over dinner at Tres by Jose Andres.  We felt oh, so chic!  We were the celebrities there!

Day Three had us attending classes.  Steven took "Heels and Toes" and I took "Opening Weave Felted Scarf."  Steven like his class, but I LOVED my class.  It was really fun learning how to set up the loom and in three hours I had a completed scarf.  We didn't have time to felt the scarves, but I am excited to get home and throw it in the washer.  I think we will DEFINITELY have a class on this cool and easy way to create unique accessories.  After class we relaxed on the boardwalk and watched the sunset.  Then, it was off to Sample It! where we got a sneak peak at all the new items that the vendors have to show.  We can't wait to get home to be able to show it to you all!  Steven then got to help with the fashion show where over 80 garments were shown.  We are excited to meet with all our favorite vendors tomorrow! 

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