Friday, January 28, 2011

Urban Knitters at StevenBe.......

We had a delightful day at StevenBe on Sunday afternoon.  It was one of our regular weekly events and we had many new things to show!  I was really excited to have opened our shipment from Namaste on Friday night!  The girls at Pizza & Purls got a small preview of the new bags and new color. 

In this display we are showing the new Bitty Bags and the new light pink color in the circular needle case and buddy pack.  10% of the proceeds of the light pink products will be dontated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Be sure to ask Steven what his "Bitty Bag" story is if you haven't already heard it.  He becomes quite animated when he tells it.  We are really liking the Classic Hip Holster.  It comes in all the great Namaste colors. 

Also, in the display are the Trendsetter Bowl Bags.  We have them in Lime, Pink, and Navy. 
I, personally, have the Lime Bowl bag.  It is FABULOUS!  I love that it has a zippered divider inside and I love the size!  I can get everything I need for work in it along with a knitting project.  I had this bag in L.A. and I took it everywhere, much to Steven's dismay.  I thought it fit in on Rodeo Drive just fine!

We had a new trunk show from Skacel to promote Mosco and Kid-Seta.

We have the beautiful cabled cowl, Mosco jacket, and Entralac Shawl.  They are all done using either Mosco alone or along with Kid-Seta.  We are waiting for another shipment from Skacel with additional Mosco colors for these projects.  We also received Fashion Angora which you should come in and try out.  Let us know if you love it, hate it, or can't live without it!  We are hoping it will be our new favorite Angora.  Stay posted for more new, new, new!


Pat said...

I can't wait to see the new bags!

twinsetellen said...

See you tomorrow for the open house!