Saturday, June 4, 2011

AutoCorrect VS. Moss Stitch & All That Glitters Is Floozy

Friday night we had another fun Pizza & Purls class.  There was lots of new yarn and new books to talk about. Such as, this fantastic handspun from Knit Collage. 

It is perfect for the hats and cocoons in Welcoming Home Baby The Handcrafted Way.  SO CUTE!

We welcomed back, Kristi, who has been absent for six weeks!  Here she is with her finds:

 A black sheep yarn bowl and a Dream in Color Starry.  Here she is again with the Daybreak shawl she is making using Three Irish Girls and a strand of sequins.
I hope she doesn't look like a floozy when wearing her sequins!  Another Pizza & Purls attendee, Margaret, seems to like sparkle = floozy.  Anyone care to comment?  I think we are in serious danger of being accused of being floozy since all the yarn we got in had glitter in it! Like the Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere.....wait that doesn't have glitter.  That's just really pretty.  The Dream in Color Starry has glitter.

Here is Deirdre with her coveted Tulip Sweater that she is making for no one in particular.

She saw the Yarn Harlot's blog about it and ran into the shop demanding a Tulip Sweater kit.  I quickly produced said kit and she has not stopped working on it since.  She describes it as a "very satisfying" project.  I may have to buy a kit myself.  So tempting........must resist!

We laughed until we cried last night!  One of reasons for the laughter was Lichele's AutoCorrect debacle.  She had to rip out her Be Sweet Indian Summer Poncho repeatedly because her seed stitch kept getting off.  So, we decided she should do moss stitch since it may be easier to see.  She diligently wrote the pattern in her phone and the autocorrect on her phone changed her pattern from Knit 2, Purl 2 to Knit 2, Pork 2.  No wonder her pattern kept getting off!  We laughed and laughed!  Maybe you had to be there........

We also talked about the new Alisha Goes Round yarn that came in last week.
 This is the new colorway Alisha dyed for Steven called Tailfeathers which he wanted to look like peacock feathers.  I think it really does look like peacock feathers!  Steven's hair ALSO looks like peacock feathers.  He had it dyed blue, purple, and green.  I am not sure if he dyed his hair to match the yarn or the other way round. 
The camera didn't pick up the glitter in the yarn, but there is some subtle glitter throughout the yarn.  She also sent us lace weight yarn with glitter!  I don't think it looks floozy at all. What else.......Ack! I can't stop thinking about that Tulip Sweater!  Argh!  Oh!  It is my big brother, Jason's birthday today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!


Anonymous said...

Just give the tulip sweater and floozy status ; )

Joyce said...

Love the 'tail feathers'! The color is superb!
I saw on the Rainey Sisters blog your comment that the Yarn Garage will have some of the Madelinetosh 'wood violet' for sale - I'm very interested - will it be listed on the online store or Ravelry? I also sent Steven a message on Ravelry - didn't know which was the best way to get in contact. I did say I was very interested, right? If you want, you can email at ojgirl3 at yahoo.