Sunday, June 12, 2011

StevenBe at TNNA

Hello my dear divas of major yarn useage.
I have spent a wonderful weekend stocking up on new finds for this fall.
Here you see me pictured with the famous Debbie Bliss and her daughter Nell.

What a fun and delightful visit we had. I left mama Christa to chat with her as
I scouted out new finds down the isle. Mom brought lefse for all the Scandinavians
from here local lefse factory in Blair WI. The gents from Dale of Norway and Swedish
Yarns had never heard of it. Joke was on us.

I can't wait to tell you all about it. I will hold court on Wednesday in Rosemount from 6-8 pm with the Wild Women of Wednesday and in Minneapolis on Thursday for Luncheon Lounge.
Make sure you make reservations for this on Wednesday and  Thursday but don't miss the Felted Trunk
show in two days with our guest from out of town. Email for Tuesday or Thursday to hold a seat.

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Lichele said...

So sad I missed all the stores from TNNA last night at the Yarn Garage. You will just have to re-tell them next week when I am back.