Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TNNA discoveries!

Well, Steven survived TNNA!  Wow!  TNNA stands for The National Needlework Association.  This is where Steven buys yarn for the next season.  You should see the things he brought back from the show!  He has fantastic fleece from Ozark.

They are fleece that were unusable for spinning.  They are too matted to spin well, so they get felted a bit more and then Ozark Handspun dyes them and sends them to Steven.  They are super cool!  Steven made one into a vest. 

He also brought ArtYarns Shawl kits that are so divine I can't stand it!

He picked colorways - Champagne, Minerals, and Wildflowers.  The kits make a shawl that uses a fine yarn intermixed with a sequin yarn.  It reminds me of the Kaffe Fassett shawl from Rowan Magazine #49.

Fabulous, right?!  It is a beautiful and clever combination of a fine weight mohair or silk with a heavier weight yarn for contrast.
When you go to cast on for either of these projects, why not use........

KnitPicks Needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Steven brought back KnitPicks straight, circular, and interchangeable needles!  For the interchangeable sets we have the Acrylic, Nickle-Plated, and Wood.  We are very excited to be carrying this line of needles.  Come on into either shop and see what the fuss is all about!

Speaking of fuss, you should have seen Joanna's face when she opened the box of Kauni yarn from Denmark!  I thought she was going to swoon from excitement!  It's a good thing Steven always has a fainting couch on hand for over excited knitters!  No,....I am just kidding.  He doesn't have a fainting couch on hand at all times.  That's just silly...........it's in the parlor.  Anyway, the Kauni yarn has a very long color stripe making it really great for Fair Isle knitting.  Also, knitter beware, the skeins are sold by grams and you need to make sure of the yardage and grams on each particular skein to ensure you get what you need.

Also, similar to Noro yarns, two skeins of the same colorway can look very different.  Don't always go by sight, instead look at the color number to verify that the skeins are the same.  

On the opposite end of the knitting spectrum.....

We received Tinseltown!  This is the sparkly sister to Rizos, which as you know, is the ruffling yarn. 

Can you see the sparkles?  Trust me, they are there!  We also received a replenishment of Flounce in many new colorways!
We got some great colors for summer!

Steven brought Knit Collage with him, too!  He even brought samples along with the yarn! 

Check out this Boho Fringe bag!  SOOOOO fun!  Click on the picture for a link the pattern.
The yarn is so whimsical and cute!  I am loving this cowl - click on the picture for another free pattern!
Are you overwhelmed, yet?  I am!  We are receiving shipments everyday with the latest and greatest yarn for the Fall/Winter season.  Yesterday we received 9 boxes and today we received 7 more!  We are busy getting all this great yarn ready for your consumption.  Stop in to ooh and awh over Steven's purchases!

Also, the Yarn Garage will be CLOSED Monday, July 4th.  Everyone enjoy the holiday weekend! 

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